Artists, Social Media, and Private Accounts

Urasian eagle owl black and White

A Urasian Eagle owl stare down

One of the biggest questions facing artists today is the question of social media and making their artwork open and view-able to the public. This question is so much a concert that I recently had an acquaintance ask first how did I get a social media following so big how could they get a following that large, and if I was concerned about someone “stealing my works”.  The answer is simply promotion, let me see your social media accounts, and no. Here is why.

Social Media a boon and a bomb for Artists

Social Media has the potential to expose your works to literally 100’s of thousands to millions of people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to see it. That is if you set up your social media accounts correctly.

In order for you to have this type of exposure your social media accounts have to be set to public. If the account is set to “private” or “friends only” the works cannot be shared except to a very limited audience. Further, the images of your works will not be indexed by search engines if the account restricts access.  Unless your great Aunt Bess is going to your social media channels and purchasing all your original artwork, having social media channels set to private on your business/art social media accounts truly makes social media campaigns for your artwork, useless. No one outside your immediate circle will see your works.

If you want social media accounts to privately communicate with your closest friends open a second account and make that one private but change your social media account that you post your works to, public.

What about theft of your works of art on social media?

Folks lets educate ourselves on theft and the internet. How many times in recent months have you heard XYZ group broke into a State server in the US and stole the identities of thousands of people. The servers that were compromised were designed and had special software installed on it to prevent just that. They were encrypted and private yet there was a breach. All the safeguards in the world did not stop someone who knew what they were doing to steal the data. The same is true with posting anything online there is no such thing as “theft proof” just theft resistant in other words the site make it tougher to steal but not impossible, usually theft takes place with little effort and a little knowledge by the “would be thief”.





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