The Clinging leaf

The clinging leaf has meant many different things to me over the course of my photography career. Somedays it is a good representation of how I felt working in the darkroom after a photo shoot (alone and free to create in silence). Other days it’s a good representation of the relationships I had been in pretty much my entire life (holding on for dear life after every living reason to hold on is gone).  But more recently, at least when it comes to my adult children I see it as a great representation of a home filled with domestic violence and the misplaced home of renewal and a living love. It represents the love and nurturing that one existed but is now withered and gone leaving a tough stem and dried out and neglected hope for a better tomorrow. For the leaf as well as a violent relationship the best thing to do is to get go and let history be history. To no longer tolerate the constant bashing of the wind and storms. To move on to another chapter another page of life and what it has to bring. To feed a new tree and usher in a new season a new place, a new love, and joy once again.

Source: The Clinging leaf


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