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Why I am writing this blog entry: I am writing this blog entry based on research I performed to find the Print on demand (POD) sites to post my art, photography, and home décor works on. One thing that I learned, based on my research, is that many of the POD services utilize the…

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Can joining an art platform make me more successful?

Tryon PalaceOne of the questions I have most often been asked is “is it better to start my own website or is it better to join an art platform?” That sounds like a simple question and overall it is but the answer is complicated. In this article, we will address when it is most appropriate…

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how to growth hack your blog and increase readership pt 2

dsc_0291_bBefore I begin the second part of “How to growth hack your blog and increase readership” if you have not read part 1 of this two-part series I strongly encourage you to do so. The setup and structure presented in Part 1 are ½ the equation to successfully growth hacking your blog. Now What? The…

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A winter Field

Beauty can be found in every season even the middle of winter. This image was taken in one of my favorite areas in mid-WestVirginia. A place that isaffectionately known as the swamp. For me, “the swamp” is a place of peace and solitude. When this image was captured it was preparing to snow again, in fact, it was taken right before the image a winding road was captured. the blue cloudy skies from this image are just view this image in my gallery click: Winter Field

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one amazing 1967 Chevy corvette

a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible The 1967 Corvette was the last year for the Sting Ray – C2 generation. This vehicle came with several original engine combinations: 327-300 hp (6,842 produced), 327-350 hp (6,375 produced), 427-390 hp (3,832 produced), 427-400 hp (2,101 produced), 427-435 hp (3,754 produced), 427-435 with aluminum heads (16 produced),

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